Huntsville is in the Final Four..Let's win this!

My adopted city of Huntsville has the amazing opportunity to be the host of the Social Media Tourism Symposim..Yay! I am so excited to do my part in spreading the word and getting the vote out. This would be a great event for the city, allowing people to come and see why I fell in love with the Tennessee Valley. Huntsville has a large social media presence especially in the area of bloggers! Members of Rocket City Bloggers, Rocket City Moms are just a few that passionately share events, news, travel and more throughout cyber space. Huntsville is a hub of technically and science, we offer great shopping, dining, culture, history and finally some of the most amazing people!

 So stop what your doing...Go over to Facebook &
                                                                          VOTE! Click here ----->  SOMET13US

If you love March Madness but your bracket looks like mine then here's your chance to get with a
true winning team!

Vote Huntsville! 

Spread the word on twitter & Instagram using the hastag #SOMET13US & #MeetMeAtTheRocket

More reasons to Vote Huntsville....


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