Do you Viggle?

Viggle has taken over my family! What is Viggle you ask?  It's an mobile app available for IOS (apple devices) & android that gives you points for watching television. Not useless points but points that you instantly cash in for amazing gift cards and prizes that you will want and can benefit from.  I have used my points for free pizza at Papa Johns, bought medicine with my gift card at CVS, loaded my iPod with music with iTunes gift cards and I even took my hubby to the movies with Hollywood Movie money passes. This is the most used app on my device.

How it works: Everyday they feature a few programs they would like you to watch that offer bonus check in points and these are the best! You tune in to the show, press check in on your device (within the app) and when the app is finished listening to your television it will confirm the name of the program. You click confirm and your in.  You receive one point for every minute you watch the program and if its a bonus check in show, you get those additional points. Whether its a feature program or not you receive 1 point for every minute you watch the program.

Now of course they can't see if you check into the program and then turn the channel...LOL..but as long as you are logged into that show you will get 1 point for every minute the show is on. Check out the video below as I show you how I use Viggle.  

Tip: You can check into multiple shows.  If there are 4 shows featured with bonus check ins for example at can check into a different show every 15 minutes and you will receive the check in bonus for each show :)

Also if you love sports (like I do) playing "My Guy" is a fun way to earn extra points. Its like playing fantasy sports but in real time.

* Viggle does have a maximum of 720 watch points daily ...Don't worry it doesn't include bonus check-in points, viggle live points or my guy points*

Do you use Viggle? What do you think of this app?


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