Wisdom at any age?

It is very easy to dismiss information or advice from someone younger and I am guilty of doing just that.  I normally lean towards wisdom coming with age and experience but I have recently confronted myself with the notion that my age discrimination needed to be a thing of the past. I had overcame it in the area of natural hair but that was about it. However my eyes opened to the children not only being our future but our present when I stumbled on the YouTube channel called  "HeyFranHey".

I was browsing the tube for videos to inspire me with maybe a new hairstyle, technique or maybe even make me laugh and i stumbled upon her channel.  I normally look for videos that have people who have the same hair texture as my daughter or myself, she didn't but something drew me to watch.  The first video introduced herself and what she planned for the channel and I was intrigued.  She was vegetarian (vegan I believe) and currently I was looking for a great source to get information for my daughter who has embraced a vegetarian lifestyle.  Something about her seemed humble and knowledgeable and I watched all of her remaining videos and was extremely impressed. I visited her Facebook page and became a fan and viewed her blog and gave it an once over, she seemed to be the real deal. Daily her Facebook page has become a place I go to look for recipes for meals, hair treatments and beauty tips as well as resources because she shares other blogs and reading sources to encourage "get knowledge from multiple sources" mantra. She doesn't claim to be an expert but the information she gives is from personal experience and research.

HeyFranHey is my new "thing" and it should be yours too....Tia tried a few vegetarian dishes inspired from articles on the site (we did modify some lol), I am currently using a few of her beauty tips (I will share some this week) and the both of us have been moved to care more for our overall health. Organic choices and meatless dishes are making their way into my life slowly and I am continually encourage by her videos, her blog and the new blogs I am introduced to weekly.

Fran may not be young enough to my daughter, old enough to be my peer but her spirit seems humble,sweet, open and knowledgeable enough to be added to my list of resources.

 Check her out and tell me what you think? Were you inspired by anything she shared? I would love to hear your thoughts!


tawana said…
I only saw one video. The intro so I think I missed something. Nevertheless I liked her facebook page with hopes to get tips on being more.natural and healthy! Love it

Unknown said…
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