MsLawanda vs Alabama Heat

The summer has official began and my hair is feeling the burn.  The temperature is 90 degrees or more daily  but this week we are feeling the heat with chart topping 109 degrees! The moisture is being strangled out of my strands having them desperate for water like I reside in the Sahara desert. I knew I needed to take action so I put on my mixtress apron and set out to answer the S.O.S. from my desperate kinks.

I decided to give my hair a much needed deep conditioning (DC) and sit under my heat cap to help penetrate the curls. I gathered a few ingredients and went to mixing.  Here's what I grabbed and why:

  •  Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Masque~ I truly like this product, its gives me results immediately and its a staple 
  • TRESemme' Split End Remedy Conditioner~ I had a free sample that I received from Walmart and although I have no idea if it will send my split ends a packing I know it will provide great slip for detangling on my tender head
  • Coconut Oil~ This is my favorite oil, it is amazing for sealing in moisture and helping my hair to reach its goal of strong hair
  • Amyla Oil~ This is one of the oils I purchased on my trip to the Indian store and although its a bit strong I like the way it seems to be helping my hair with growth and retention
  • Bed Head Moisture Maniac Conditioner~ I just had a small amount left in the bottle (about a tablespoon) so i added it to get rid of the bottle 
I mixed the conditioners together first and added each oil one at a time making sure the mixture stayed creamy.  Then I sectioned my hair in fours and began apply from root to tip separating each curl as I coated. My detangling was a breeze and the shine was amazing and instant.  I did this conditioning on dry hair (like a pre-poo) just damping my hair with my spritz bottle of water & Aloe Vera gel.  I placed a plastic cap (a target bag~recycling) on my hair and sat under my hair cap for 45 minutes. I finished the process by using As I Am Coconut  Cleansing cream to wash my hair, Koils by Nature leave in and twisted my hair into an updo with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

I intend to DC every week to combat this heat, what are you doing to make sure your kinks, coils and curls are not dying of moisture starvation?

Share your thought and comments! I enjoy reading them all.


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