Let's win the Biggest Loser

Hey ladies & gents..I was checking out one of my fellow bloggers and read a post titled "The Biggest Loser" Challenge.  I read further and Bree of The Mane Source was on a mission to lose some unwanted baby weight and she wanted to bring her readers on the journey with her.  I was inspired but not really (eating Arbys as I read) until I say a PRIZE! No it wasn't the desire to have a healthy body, live longer or fit my clothes it was the chance to win $200 in cash and prizes!  So sad but Don't Judge Me LOL!

I decided that I would share this challenge with you guys! Now don't get me wrong, I hope to be the winner but I will also feel like a winner if its one of you guys...So here's the details (taken from her blog):

Here’s what what you need to do:
  • Weight/measure yourself and take before pics
  • Monday’s will be our official weigh-in days. Try to weigh yourself when you first wake, in the buff, AFTER you’ve gone to the potty for the most accurate weight.
  • Exercise 3-5 days per week
  • Include more fresh fruits and veggies into your meals
  • As much as possible, stay away from processed (boxed) foods
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day
  • Use a calorie counter program to determine how many calories you should consume per day
  • Try your best to stick to the number of calories to consume each day
  • Keep a journal of your progress, pitfalls, etc.
  • Comment on this blog (and yours if you have one) so that we all can encourage each other
Now I'm going to be brave and put out my before shots so I'm going to need you guys for support! Feel free to talk about my hair cause I don't know what that problem is!

The contest began today but I will begin tomorrow it will conclude on January 7, 2012.  Please join me & The Mane Source and get some weight off.  Leave a comment if you plan to participate & email Bree so that you can be eligible for the prize.  Check out her blog too for more info on this challenge & other great advise. 
Send an email to thebiggestloser@themanesource.com!  This will be your official entry! Tell her Mslawanda of As The Wind Blows sent ya!


toy 1245 said…
U can do it! Good Luck!
Annie Maury said…
I'm thinking about it..will decide by tomorrow.

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