Friday, March 11, 2011

The Fued is over!

Well Gel & I have been battling to be friends or at least associates for awhile now unsuccessfully.  I would continuously see my YouTube sisters rave about how their hair was defined or their curl was elongated but i couldn't duplicate it.  I recently did a review on the Ecostyler Moroccan Argon Oil Gel and the initial results were OK but then my hair dried out as it had done previously with other gels. I was left with 2 large containers of gel (Ecostyler Olive Oil & Argon Oil) in my bathroom.  I decided I would do a roller set and see how that would work.  I was pleasantly surprised! Here's what i did:

First I washed & conditioned my hair, then i put in a leave in conditioner..... in a plastic bowl i mixed olive oil and some 7 in 1 miracle oil....i separated my hair in 4 sections (just to make life easier) and began taking sections from those to roll....before i rolled the hair i used my fingers to apply my oil mixture then i added the argon oil gel...use cold wave rollers with paper over them i rolled my hair in a spiral....After i completed my entire head i sprayed it with the Shea Naturals Spray (see previous post) and put on my satin cap & when to bed....

In the morning, i sprayed my hair again and removed the hair WAS NOT hard!!!! The curls came out beautiful!  I didnt seperate the curls (i may later in the week), i just pin some back & fluffed!  I finally have a successful way to use styling gel....let me know what you guys think!

Very moisturized!

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